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  1. Intensive Study Programs
      Intensive Study Advanced One Week Courses For those who are looking for a shorter version of our 10-week advanced courses we offer the Level...
  2. Level II: Advanced Wine Course Registration
    Please sign up early. Some materials are sent out in advance to help you prepare for the final exam.  On-Line Final Exam - World Wide This is...
  3. Corporate Wine Training Programs
    We offer corporate training and certification programs for sommeliers, chefs, wine managers, Food & Beverage managers, and wine merchants...
  4. Master Level Programs
    Upon completion of any advanced technical diploma program (Level II Certification), there are master level programs (Level III Certification) that...
  5. Level I: Register for the Guild Wine Seminar
    This introductory course is designed for anyone who want to deepen their knowledge of wine. Taste 27 wines on your way to developing a basic...
  6. Advanced Courses
    For those who are looking for more in-depth "college" like courses we offer a wide range of advanced wine courses. We call these courses...
  7. International Wine Guild Faculty
    Claude Robbins International Wine Guild Director and President, GWM, MWE Claude Robbins has over 30 years of experience teaching wine at the...
  8. Winter Quarter - 2010 :: Wine Courses and Sommelier Courses
    Now is a good time to pre-register for the Winter Quarter that begins January 10th, 2010. Guild Certification Seminar - Level I Certification We...
  9. Tell Your Web Visitors About Upcoming Classes at the Guild
    Upcoming Wine Courses at the International Wine Guild Loading... View All State-Accredited Wine School Classes Merchant Services


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